Every man would like to perform at his best during lovemaking every time. However, for some men this is not possible because they suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation. It is difficult for them to maintain an erection for longer periods of time and this could become an embarrassing situation for them in the long run. Such a problem is commonly seen among men who are below the age of fifty and takes away some of the sexual stamina as well. But one must take heart because there exist easy ways to remedy the problem of premature ejaculation. There are many herbal remedies for Increase Sexual Stamina that are healthy for the body and solve all medical problems without having to take medicines.

Best Ayurvedic Herb For Premature Ejaculation

Ayurvedic  Herb For Premature Ejaculation is a Ashwagandha. It is known to elevate the libido in a man, keep the body from ejaculating early and maintaining an erection for long periods of time. It can also be made into oil which must be massaged on to the genitalia before lovemaking. Another type of oil that can be used for this purpose is castor oil. Along with the herbs Bala and Vidari, Ashwagandha is best used by crushing it mixing in milk or having it in solid form mixed with simple foods such as rice and yogurt. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be one of the healthiest ways in which one can control premature ejaculation and Increase Sexual Stamina .

Women On Premature EjaculationWomen On Premature Ejaculation

What women want on bed, Most of the women have one question in their mind that how their partner give more time pleasure to him on bed and he will take a  full enjoyment of it. But many men are not able to full – fill this requirement of women. The reason behind this is premature ejaculation. The most of the men are suffering from premature ejaculation, Because of that Women also suffer during premature ejaculation too: Psychologist reveals the frustration of the partners of men who are ‘too tied up in their own (short-lived) pleasure. Premature ejaculation in men can cause psychological stress in women.

To satisfy women the most important thing is to control premature ejaculation. If sex time is below than 2 or 3 minutes than you have to think about seriously. Because of this your partner was Not enjoying her sexual life. there are many methods and medicine for premature  ejaculation. but you have to take care that always use natural or herbal methods or herbal medicine for premature ejaculation.

Top 4 Methods To Increase Sexual Stamina

Improve your Sexual Habits

Satisfying your partner is not all about penile penetration, there are a number of ways to provide yourself and your partner pleasure. So if penile penetration drives you over the edge too fast it is advisable you try other methods of sexual satisfaction. Lasting longer in bed might not necessarily be synonymous to prolonging time spent on penile penetration, try exploring each others body and focus more on providing pleasure for her through other means before, during and after intercourse. Being able to give your partner an orgasm before you release takes a huge load off your neck and it wouldn’t really matter anymore how much time you spend pulling in and out of her before you erupt.

Also you might want to consider changing your sexual position. Some positions don’t just favour you and might be pushing you faster towards ejaculation than you want to. While there is no perfect position and each man has to find one that helps him to last longer. Standing or the girl-on-top positions might help to delay ejaculation that way you don’t flex your muscles.

Enhance your Morale

Lasting long in bed apart from being a medical disorder can also be treated as a psychological one. Your performance depends largely on your state of mind and so a negative attitude might as well be what is responsible for your premature ejaculation problem. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation tend to become negative and see premature ejaculation as something that is part of them who they are.

Rather than think that way it would do you a lot of good to positively reinforce yourself before intercourse. Also, focusing on enjoying its pleasures rather than on prolonging the encounter might just be the boost you need.

Foods For Increase Sexual Stamina

The best and safe method to increase sexual stamina is to eat certain foods that help in premature ejaculation.  Some certain foods and food supplements serve as long lasting key to lasting long on bed. Foods like  Pumpkin Seeds, Goji Berries, Maca, Celery, Garlic, Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Fish, Organic Eggs, Onion boost serotonin levels. Some food supplements and natural plant extract can improve circulation and also boost your performance and delay ejaculation.

Exercise For Premature Ejaculation

One of the most popular exercises that you can do is Kegel exercises or PC Muscle exercises. These exercises are known to help you control the contraction of the PC muscle. A PC muscle that isn’t trained may lead to premature ejaculation. If you are able to train and strengthen the muscle, you can control your ejaculation. The best part about these exercises is that you don’t have to do it in private. You can do them anytime, no matter if you’re at home, work, or in the car. Start by holding contractions for a few seconds daily. Then you can increase the time to 20 seconds and so on.














Ling ki Size ki Jaankari Hindi Me

Ling ki Size ki Jaankari Hindi Me

Male me Penis ke hawaley se bohut se khadshaat or ghalat fehmiyan (misconceptions) paee jati hai. Aksar mard apney Ling ki lambai, size, saakht or motaee ke hawaley se bohut hassas (concious) rahetay hai. Sab se pehley lambai ko letey hai.

आइये जाने लिंग की बनावट के बारे मे

Ling Ki Lambai Kitni Honi Chahiye

Jis tarah saarey Male qadd ke lehaz se baraber nahin yani unn ke qadd me farq or ikhtilaf hai, isi tarah unn ke Penis ka size ek jaisa nahin. Kisi ka Penis bara or kisi ka chota hota hai. Penis ki lambai ka fard ke qadd kaath ke sath koi taalluq nahin. Iss silsiley me America me ek survey huva to maaloom huva ke sab se lamba Ling uss fard ka tha jis ka qadd ausat (average) se kam tha. Mera ek client jiska qadd 6 feet se zyada tha, uske Ling ka size aam logon se kam tha.

Misconception About Size Of Penis

Penis ke Size Ki Ghalat Fehmiya

Bohut se naujawanPenis Size Charton ka khayal hota hai ke unn ka Penis lambai me chota hai jis ki wajah se woh shaadi ke qabil nahin hotey. Aksar naujawanon ko apney Penis (penis) ke hawaley se sirf ghalat fehmi (misconception) hoti hai ke woh chota hai hala’n ke woh chota nahin hota. Iss ghalat fehmi ki kaee wajoohaat hai.

Penis Kiyon Chota nazar Aata hai?

Fard apney Penis ko ooper se dekhta hai, jiski wajah se sara Penis nazar nahi aata or fard samajhta hai ke uss ka Penis chota hai. Mazeed agar fard ka paet kuch nikla huva ho to woh bilkul hi chota nazar aata hai.

Porn Star Ka Penis Size

Iss ke elawa naujawan fahash films ke hero (port star) ke Penis ke sath apney Penis (penis) ka mawazna kartey hai. Fahash films me kaam karney ke liye aisey afraad ka intekhab kya jata hai jin ka Penis (penis) lamba ho maslan ek American actor ka Penis 18 inches lamba hai. Iss ke elawa camera trick ki madad se aam Penis ko lamba kar ke dikhaya jata hai jis ki wajah se iss actor ka Penis muqablatan bohut lamba nazar aata hai.

Tight or dheela ling

Ba’az naujawan apney sukrrey huve bohut chotey Penis se apney asal Penis ke size ka andaza lagatey hai jab ke ba’az logon ka sukrra huva Penis bohut chota ho jata hai jab ke akarr kar kafi lamba ho jata hai. Lehaza Penis ka asal size akrrahat wala hota hai.

Bigger Dick Size

Iss tarah ba’az naujawan apney doston ke barey Penis ke sath apna muqabla kartey hai agarcha inn ka Penis kuch chota hota hai magar unko kuch zyada hi chota mehsoos hota hai

Women Conception About Men Penis

पुरुषों के लिंग के बारे में महिलाओं को गर्भाधान

Iss ghalat fehmi ko iss tarah duur kya jasakta hai. Tanau (erection) honay per fard mirror ke samney khara ho kar side se apney Penis ko dekhey to uss ki ghalat fehmi door ho jaeygi.

Akrey huey Penis ki paemana se aazmaesh kar li jaey to bhi ghalat fehmi door ho jaeygi.

Khushkhabri yeh hai ke aksar afraad ka Penis unn ke apney khayal se bara hota hai.

Agarcha Penis ki lambai ka koi meyar nahin hum ek survey ke mutabiq America me 60% logon ka Penis 4 inch se kam hota hai or lambey se lamb 12 inch ka. Magar wahan 4 inch ka akrra huva Penis normal mil jata hai. India me 3 inch ka akrra (erected) huva Penis normal samjha jata hai or waise bhi aurat ko khush karne ke liye 3 inch vagina ko masal karne hi kafi hai. Qadd kaath ka Penis ki lambai ke sath koi taalluq nahin. Albatta hathon ke size ka Penis ke size ke sath kuch taalluq hai. Amooman barey hathon waley afraad ke Penis lambey hotey hai. Mahireen ka khayal hai ke woh Penis jo faraj (vagina) me dakhil ho jaey normal hai.

Penis Measurement by Hand

Penis Measurement by Hand

Kya Mahila Lamba Penis Pasand Karti hai?

Mardon (Male) ka khayal hai ke bara Penis behter hai kyun ke aurtein lamba Penis pasand karti hai, jab ke aurtein Penis ke size ke hawaley se Bahut Zayada hi sochti hai. Bohut Si aurtein lambe Penis ko pasand karti hai, or bahot si mahilay mote ling ko pasand karti hai. Ek research ke mutabiq aksar aurtein Bade our Mote Ling (Penis) ko pasand karti hai, kiyon ki unki yoni ki ragad me azafa hota hai or unko climax ya orgasms bharpoor milta hai. Ek or research se maaloom huva ke aurton ko Chhote (Small) size ka Penis pasand Nahi Hota.

Relationship: Sex Satisfaction And Size Of Penis

Bohut lamba Penis kisi bhi aurat ko pasand hota hai kyun ke bohut lamba Penis bacha dani ke munh per zarb lagata  yani andar tak ragad paida karta hai jis se aurat ko Maza Anand or orgasms Milta hai. Isi liye bohut lambey Penis waley afraad Bahut Khush Rahte hai or unki wife,girl friend,sex partner bhi, kyun ke unn ke lambey Penis ko dekhtey hi Female Sex ke liye han (agree) ho jati hai.

female ko big ling pasand ata hai

female ko bada penis pasand hota hai

Zayada Time Tak Sex our Aurat Ko Khush Karne Ke Liye Lamba Penis Zaroori Ka Kirdaar Ahem Hota Hai

Yeh khayal bhi aam hai ke bharpoor Sex ka Anand,multiple Orgasms, behtar Sex Life or biwi ko mutmaen karne ke liye lambey Penis (penis) ki zaroorat hai. Haqeeqat yeh hai ki zyada Sex ka Anand or biwi ki tasalli ka Penis ki lambai ke sath apki sex ki Taqat (Stamina)bhi Zarori hai. Agar Aap jald ejaculate ho jate hai to lambe penis ke sath fir bhi aurat ko mutmain kiya ja sakta hai yoni ke andar hi rahene dene se, Aurat ek mohabbat karney waley insaan ki zaroorat hoti hai jo usay sex me bharpoor itminan dilay. Waisey Sex me Penis ki lambai , Motail our uski sakhti zyada ahem hai or chota Penis nisbatan zyada sakht hota hai. Yani iss me zyada tanau (erection) hota hai. Mazeed aurat ki Vagina ka size 3 ta 4 inch hota hai or Vagina ka sirf baerooni 1/3 hissa yani pehla 1 ta 1.5 inch hissa hi zyada hassas hota hai. Iss ka peechey wala hissa zyada hassas nahin hota. Hassas hissey tak 3 inch ka Penis bohut aasani se pohonch jata hai. Mahireen ka khayal hai ke agar mard ke Penis ki lambai 2 inch se kuch zyada ho to yeh aurat ki Vagina ke hassas hissey tak aasani se pohonch jata hai jis se aurat bharpoor Annad le sakti hai. magar aap ke time tak sex karne par depend hai, iske liye aap koi herbal medicine jis se sex ka time badhta hai use kar sakte hai main ek naam batata chalu aaj kal india me NIGHTKING Sex Delay Liquid iske waste mashoor hai.